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Join an unstoppable community that focuses on military-style functional fitness programming for those looking to get fit and crush their goals. Our results-driven programs cater to all, whether you're joining the military, an active-duty member aiming to improve your scores or going SOF, or a veteran trying to get your fitness back, or a civilian looking to achieve your fitness goals. With our 24/7 athlete support line, and access to world-class fitness advice, we offer unparalleled support to help you succeed.

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  • Keep your body strong and healthy
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combat fitness accommodates all ability levels

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    /mason davis/

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    Mason used to struggle with his weight and fitness, feeling discouraged and frustrated with his lack of progress. He turned to Combat Fitness for a solution, and the we helped him transform his body and his life. With regular workouts and proper nutrition, Mason was able to shed 40 pounds and build lean muscle, becoming stronger and more confident than ever before. Now he's a living testament to what's possible when you commit to a healthy lifestyle with Combat Fitness.

  • Expert Trainers

    Work with certified trainers who are passionate about helping you reach your target.

  • Total performance guarantee

    If you don't see results in 4 weeks, we will train you for free.

  • 24/7 Athlete Support

    Call or text us at any time and have access to our expert support line for world class fitness advice.

  • elite "Mixed Interval" System

    Our method of training allows you to run less and improve at rates up to 40% faster than standard running programs, by using a unique, calculated mixture of interval, threshold and endurance work.

  • Community Support

    Join a community of like-minded individuals who will support and motivate you every step of the way.

Science meets sweat at Combat Fitness

Being a Tactical Athlete means being able to depend on your body to perform, at any time and any place.

We believe fitness should always be an asset, and never a liability.

With our proven fitness methods, trusted by thousands of athletes, you can be sure that what we do works.


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With our breakthrough, professional method of training, we focus on quality over volume. Run less, improve more. Short, hard runs are guaranteed to make you fast.

It isn't about how much you run, but rather the quality of your training plan.

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What makes Combat Fitness Unstoppable?

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  • 24/7 Athlete Support
  • Total Performance Guarantee
  • Professional Coaches
  • Thousands of Athletes
  • customized training plans

why train with us?

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    Expert Trainers

    Our trainers are highly experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals.

  • 02

    Total performance guarantee

    If you don't see results in 4 weeks, we will train you for free.

  • 03

    Supportive Community

    Our community of like-minded individuals provides support and motivation to keep you on track and help you reach your full potential.

  • 04

    Comprehensive Programs

    From running to strength training to combat mindset, we offer a range of programs to help you build strength, endurance, and mental toughness.

  • 05

    Personalized Approach

    We recognize that every individual is unique, and we tailor our training programs to meet your specific needs and goals.

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    We are dedicated to helping you achieve real results, whether it's increasing your strength, improving your running time, or mastering the combat mindset.

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