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[LEAKED] Learn Our Secret “Mixed Interval” System That Has Helped THOUSANDS of Athletes Improve Run Times!

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to improve your running?

Every time you set off on a goal, you are sidelined by fatigue, shin splints, or other use injuries.

Not to mention you "lose your gains"... and start to look like a skinny runner...

We get it. And we hate it.

Four years ago, we finally decided there must be a better, different way of training.

We set out on a journey to devise a system...

Where we could RUN LESS, and IMPROVE MORE.

Because, let's face it: running sucks.

We wanted to run as little as physically possible, so that we could still lift weights,

Without sacrificing our overall training performance, and still being strong runners.

After years of trialing, modifying and testing various training methods...

We cracked the code.

We created what we now call our "Low Volume, High Efficiency Training Method",

And it has now been used by THOUSANDS of individuals;

Some of whom have used it to train for Navy SEAL training and other special forces selections,

As well as marathons, 1.5 mile ACFT test, marathons, cross-training for bodybuilding...

Even Ironman Triathlons.

This system WORKS every time...

And we want to teach it to you... for FREE.

What You'll Learn in the Video

Rapid improvment!

With our calculated "mixed-interval" approach, you will see results in just four weeks, only running 3 days per week. Our emphasis on hyper-efficient training yields rapid and lasting results.

Waste less time!

Maximize EVERY training session. Not a second of your valuable training time is wasted. Our approach ensures that every second you spend training serves a specific purpose, meaning you can run less, and improve more.

Lift heavy!

By NOT running every single day (not even close), our athletes have plenty of time in their training schedules for cross-training, such as weight training. As a result, our athletes are the pinnacle of hybrid, functional performance.