Sunday, December 18, 2022

Life is FULL of distractions.

Now, more than ever.

There are normal life distractions, and things that come up…

As there always have been.

But additionally, today we are constantly bombarded with literal endless content.

We’re glued to these phones, being force fed the opinions of millions of people,

Always being presented with a new, shiny object,

Something to buy,

A get rich quick scheme,

A “business opportunity”,

A new way to lose 10lbs in one week.

Distractions are EVERYWHERE.

Our brains aren’t wired to know more than 200 people, let alone hear the opinions of the entire f*cking planet.

These distractions are impossible to avoid, but there are some things you can do…

The big one is this:

Limit yourself to only 3 goals.

That’s it.

Maybe it’s “Family, fitness and career”.

Whatever it is, put those three things in front of everything else.

If you have committed to something, stay with it.

Everything else comes second to the 3 main focuses.

If you’re trying a diet, don’t abandon it after 3 days because you saw an ad for a better, faster way to lose weight.

If you’re building a business, don’t give up on it because someone told you about a “better” opportunity.

If you promised your family you’d make them dinner, don’t bail because your friends invited you out.

Time beats everything.

Focus in on your main goals, and be disciplined enough to stay with them.

Anyone can come up with goals. They mean nothing.

Discipline, accountability, and ACTION are all that matters.

You’ve got this.

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